One of the most frequent comments I've received through the years performing with my various bands (after 'Too loud!') has been, 'I would love a recording of you just playing the piano by yourself.'

So I've finally taken the real experts' advice and produced a solo piano CD.

I've called it Cocktail Jazz because that's what my approach to playing jazz used to be called.

The titles include some of the great standards: Stardust, Tenderly, Night And Day, New York, N.Y., Stella By Starlight, Summertime, as well as other favorites - in all, 15 of the real classics and one song of mine.

They're all quiet, mellow and romantic in mood. The music evokes a time (before cell phones, beepers and the internet) when people enjoyed intimate conversation, quiet candle-lit dinners and an elegant, melodic style of jazz piano that is now an all but lost art.















The music is perfect for dining or late night listening, and of course, cocktails. And, I suspect it might have other 'romantic' applications.

Here are just two of the responses we have received:

'Your CD may be wearing out John. I get up at seven and go to the kitchen and play it all the time while I get breakfast, do dishes, feed the cat, etc. ... so YOU play for about one and a half hours daily... if it stops I just push the button and there you go again...its wonderful!'
Ruth T., Ft. Myers, FL

'Sitting in my office enjoying your beautiful 'cocktail piano' CD ... I especially like the original song ... very nice! Could you send me 5 more; some of my friends now want it.'
Barbara C., Watkins Glen, NY

To order copies of the CD call: (607) 351-1040 or click the link below: