All my life I've been fascinated by the song - the simplest and most elemental piece of musical expression. It's the wonderfully inspiring and mysterious act of arranging 12 notes in a melody

Song writing is a most rewarding and unforgiving discipline. No one will ever know what makes a great song or why. It's not subject to manipulation or coercion. A bad song cannot be forced on the public (for long at least) and I believe a great song cannot be prevented from reaching its destined audience.

A song is given. It comes through inspiration with an individuality all it's own. It has a voice and a unique message of feeling and spirit. It goes on it's way and is either embraced or rejected by the world's ears and hearts. more


""John Chapman's creative output runs the spectrum: from playful and comic to evocative and serene. The one thing John's music does not do is leave you unaffected."

—Michael Salmirs
composer, pianist & educator