I've got a hole in my roof to let the rain come on in
And little hairs growin' out all over my skin
The honey bee is my friend, he keeps me company
I stay all night in the woods 'cause I'm very brave
And I eat bark from a tree and sleep in a cave
A cozy hole in the ground is '"home-sweet-home" to me

Don't mind the rain falling down because it cools me
And there's a nice furry coat for me to wear
And almost every day I'm glad to be... a bear

Most people hide when I come, I think they're afraid
And I can count on one paw, the friends that I've made It really hurts me sometimes, when people shy away...

"I'm just a fun-loving guy/ Who lives in the woods/And though I konw I don't smile/ As much as I should"

J. Chapman

glad to be a bear