So you're standin' there at home plate
And the count is three and two
The crowd is turnin' nasty
And you're not sure what to do

Now the pitcher starts his windup
Seems he's aimin' at your head
The catcher's talkin' 'bout your mama
And you're wishin' you were dead

So you think you'll take a time-out
But that ump looks awfully mean
Now a wicked fastball's comin'
And it¹s lookin' like a bean

So you start swingin' (for the stands)
It's a case of do or die
At least you go down swingin'
Baby, it's the only way to fly

So you're out there in a nightclub
And some cat who's had a few
Decides to get offended
'Cause his date's got eyes for you

Now this guy's built like Mike Tyson
But he¹s nowhere near as sweet
So you¹re checkin' out the exits
Tryin¹ to gracefully retreat

But just when things look bleakest
A thought occurs to you:
'Hey, I'm a jazz musician'
So I know just what to do.

I started swingin' (musically , that is)
(cont. chorus)

I was out one night with my baby
And 'm tryin' to be 'hep'
So I took her to the disco
And we tried the latest step

I was lookin'cool (or so it seemed)
But then Fate intervened
My left foot tripped my right foot
And we started to careen

We were headed for a pileup
Take the whole floor with us too
But I looked at my baby
And she knew just what to do

We started swingin'
(cont. chorus)

I'd like to take this opportunity to expostulate ... elucidate ... and pontificate on the joys (and the responsibilities) of swingin'.

Now Swingin' is a verb, not some static stationery noun. Now it could be an adjective, as in when someone is talking about me, they would say " Now there's one swingin' dude! "

Swingin' is an attitude, a way of being, a lifestyle (not to be confused with Swinging...

"Swingin' is an attitude, a way of being, a lifestyle "

John Chapman


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